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After you pay off a bad account, it stays on record for at least 7-10 years. Sometimes, paying off a bad account can actually lower your credit score, and be the long way around to your goal.  Part of our program includes identifying things that need to be paid, as well as accounts that should be left alone.  When you hire us, you put decades of experience on your side!

Maximizing Positives

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Why won’t paying off a bad account fix it?

Our reputation for being the best at removing negative and erroneous accounts is well known. One of our Credit Score Analysts will break down your file, identify factors that are holding you back, and let you know what we can do to help.

You could have results in as little as 30 days from today!

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At Mortgage Ready, getting on the path to better credit is easy!  Half of the battle is simply knowing the rules that determine score.  The other half, is the fact that a bad account stays on record for at least 7-10 years, once it has been paid off.  

We create a written Personalized Optimization Plan for each customer.  Based on your credit report, this is an exhaustive list of absolutely everything that you can do, to raise the positive side of your credit score.  Each move you make, will be a move in the right direction!

Proven Results


Proven Results

“I don’t know how you guys did it, but today I am a 751! You have no idea what you have done for me and my family, thank you so much!”

-Alex P.  Omaha Nebraska

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