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Your FICO score is made up of data from your credit report that breaks down into these five components. Each component works with and against each other, so what works for one credit profile might not work for another.

New Credit

New Credit makes up 10 percent of your FICO Score, and it consists of the number of new accounts on file, as well as any and all Hard Inquires.

The goal here is to avoid pulling credit without good reason, and to add accounts while considering their impact to Credit Mix, Length of Credit History, Payment History or Amount of Debt. As with everything else in Credit, it’s a balancing act.

Amount Of Debt

The amount owed category determines 30 percent of your FICO score. Credit cards and Department Store cards are examples of revolving lines of credit. These types of accounts are heavily weighted when reported in your FICO score, and for most customers, which cards are heavily utilized and which are not determines the number of points earned here.

We consider each account, each limit, each Statement Date and each Due Date when we give our recommendations. We can tell customers exactly how much to pay to which accounts to maximize the FICO point return.

Payment History

Payment history- taking up 35 percent of your score, is the largest category out of the five to determine how your credit score is evaluated. This category has many intricate parts, and it touches every other area of Credit, but it ultimately describes your readiness of making the consistent, minimum payments on each line of credit on time.

Your payment history can get complex the more data you start to accumulate. It analyzes your payment information on a variety of accounts; including credit and retail cards, mortgages, and loans; as well as any opposing public records or negative accounts. In maximizing Payment History, it’s important to make sure you aren’t harming Amount Owed, Length of Credit History or New Credit.

Length of Credit History

Length of credit makes up 15 percent of your FICO score. This category is based off when you opened an account and the last time you were actively using the account. FICO factors in your oldest accounts, new accounts, and average-aged accounts.

In terms of FICO evaluation, long-term account holders are always better, so you’d never intentionally close an account. That's if you make your payments on time. Although the length of credit only takes up 15 percent of your score, long-term credit history will always look good in the eyes of FICO.

Credit Mix

Credit Mix measures the types of credits you are using altogether. It’s a mix of revolving and installment methods, and it determines 10 percent of your overall FICO score.

Many assume that the credit mix is an insignificant category within the scoring, but it’s useful for those that don’t have a strong credit history. It’s important to plan a diverse mix of accounts, without harming Length of Credit History, Payment History or New Credit in doing so.


Arnesia C.
03:11 20 Sep 22
Mortgage Ready lived up to every expectation. Within a few months my scores increased gradually and quickly & I was ready to start looking for my home. I highly recommend working with them.
Tammy M.
17:48 11 Aug 22
MortgageReady was able to prep my credit report to make it mortgage ready. They increased my score by enough that we were able to get pre-approved for enough to buy our house.
Michael A.
18:07 03 Aug 22
I tried many other credit repair companies and they were a disappointment and a total waste of money. Mortgage Ready got my score up 60 points and helped me negotiate settlements with creditors. I... highly more
Jessica B.
20:02 28 Jul 22
My husband and I have been trying to get ready to build our dream home, and mortgage Ready helped my husband increase his credit score quick and we were able to get approved for our construction... loan. They were always easy to get a hold of, and helped us anytime we had questions. We definitely recommend them!read more
Robert A.
02:23 20 Jul 22
Mortgage Ready helped raise my credit score over 100 points in 5 months! They were very helpful with there reports and I would highly recommend using them for credit repair needs.
Eddie Law A.
08:04 15 Jul 22
The Mortgage Ready team has been amazing to work with and has helped me get 12 collection accounts deleted from my credit report to jump my scores nearly 100 points! I would recommend them to anyone... needing help with getting credit in shape to buy a home!read more
King R.
17:48 05 Jul 22
Has been very helpful, and am glad my wife is able to work with them it has definitely been a step in the right direction to improve our credit. - Mike Rogers
Brad Y.
17:11 30 Jun 22
I went through Mortgage Ready with determination that they could come through for me by getting my credit where it needed to be for me to purchase my new home. They came through and did just that!! I... am forever thankful for there hard work and customer service. I highly recommend them to get you where you need to be to purchase your next dream home!Thanks again for everything and God Bless!!!read more
Tracey G.
20:26 27 Jun 22
The customer service at Mortgage Ready is top notch. From the very beginning,where they explained everything in detail (without making me feel judged) to the end where they were as happy as we were... to close on our house. And everywhere in between. Always quickly answering our emails, explaining things a second or third time, working with the bank etc. I will tell everyone I know to turn to Mortgage Ready!! Thanks so much, Tracey and Quentin more
Rakisha H.
18:54 21 Jun 22
Just started with Mortgage Ready and I must say that everyone that I have spoken to there are very very helpful and eager to go the extra mile. Thank you Mortgage Ready.
18:08 02 Jun 22
The Service provide with Mortgage Ready allowed our Credit scores to improve which enable us to purchase our new home
Ted W.
18:57 13 May 22
They did an excellent job of helping us improve our credit scores and get rid of some negatives. I highly recommend this group.
Leigh W.
00:59 01 May 22
Thank you all for the work you did on our credit. We are Now Homeowners!
Rickey H.
21:06 07 Jan 22
This is a great company to help you with your credit repair. The are very detail and great with explaining everything dealing with your credit report. I highly recommend using this company.
Chad F.
11:13 19 Dec 21
Easy to work with. They pulled a couple of negative items off my account
Jennifer F.
11:08 19 Dec 21
Mortgage Ready has fantastic customer service and their team is highly responsive to any questions or concerns. My husband and I came into the program with decent credit scores but needed to have... some negative items removed. They were able to remove a few things buy not enough that it made a real difference in our scores. About a week prior to joining the program, we had alreadyu done all of the things they ended up advising us to do. I’m not knocking the service as I have seen this program work wonders for a coworker that came into it with poor credit but for us it was not worth the cost for the time it was taking to have the items more
Markos M.
18:38 14 Dec 21
I was very pleased with the mortgage ready program. I was extremely pleased with there customer service skills. They were always polite. And answered all my questions.
rick s
19:38 10 Dec 21
Sheri B.
21:30 03 Dec 21
The team is dedicated to fast getting results. I was extremely pleased!
Alessandra J.
16:51 25 Nov 21
Extremely helpful, they got my husband's credit from a low 600 to a 750 within 2 months. Mine is taking a little longer but it has definitely improved. Highly recommend to use to clean up and improve... more
Craig G.
18:21 12 Nov 21
Mortgage Ready has increased our credit in just a few months! It’s incredible what the team does. Chelsea and everyone there has been a pleasure to work with and has been so responsive throughout the... process. We close on our dream home today because of what mortgage ready did for us! Thank you!!read more
Kendrick B.
20:05 05 Nov 21
I have always enjoyed the experience of talking to any representative. I have gotten nothing but answers and results of my profile. I highly recommend this company for credit cleanup. I encourage... everyone to reach out to more
Nishimura K.
16:23 04 Nov 21
Very helpful, we're in a perfect position to buy a house now. 10/10 would use again.
krista C.
19:01 25 Oct 21
Loved my experience with mortgage ready! Within a few short months we saw a huge increase in our credit! Chelsea always responded quickly to any of my emails and answered any questions I had!
16:56 20 Oct 21
I worked with Tony and Bree. They were a breeze to work with, and very timely when it came to sending me the details and information that I needed to do my part. I learned so much from this process,... and in 3 months they bumped my score up about 20 points. I would definitely recommend working with them. Thank you MortgageReady!read more
Jessica P.
21:16 15 Oct 21
I am so happy with the professionalism and courtesy I was given through this company. I couldn’t have bought a home without the knowledge they provided. Thank you Mortgage Ready for helping me... accomplish my dream. 😊read more
Trae W.
21:33 16 Aug 21
These guys are awesome!!! I’m in the process of purchasing my first home and was recommended by my mortgage loan officer to this company. They’ve made the process easy to understand and fast paced. ... They’re also great at educating me on how credit is used. Keep up the great work!read more
Marlin L.
16:35 23 Apr 21
I’ve worked with Mortgage Ready LLC since December 2020, I’ve struggled with credit because I wasn’t informed in my 20s. I’ve worked with other credit repairs companies who haven’t helped inform me... as much as Chelsea has. I’ve had my score jump up 40 pts so far and hopefully closer to getting me to a 640 so I can be the first member of my family to buy a more
Jessica B.
18:13 14 Apr 21
Mortgage ready is a company I would recommend over and over again. I’ve always been very skeptical of credit repair companies because I’ve heard horror stories from most that make promises and don’t... deliver on them. This was not the case here— they were able to completely have old medica collections removed along with some late payments from a while back. Very satisfied with the results and will be sending friends and family their more
Which One's P.
20:16 12 Apr 21
They were a big help with fighting to get negative things removed from my credit reports. Highly recommend.
Yasmeen F.
15:53 18 Mar 21
Really friendly and professional group of people, always have a quick and valid response to all questions. It has been a pleasure working with them.
Chad F.
19:30 12 Mar 21
I worked with Stephanie at Mortgage Ready to help repair and rebuild my credit I order to get a better interest rate on my home. Process was simple, communication was A+. Highly recommend them for... any credit recovery needs you more
Sean L.
23:07 05 Mar 21
Very professional and easy to work with. Always very helpful and knowledgeable. Never had any problems getting in touch with them. Very good experience. Really helped me understand my credit, and... what I needed to do to fix more
19:54 18 Feb 21
I received great service from this company.Stephanie was very professional.I would recommend this company to get credit control.
Sherie M.
18:00 16 Feb 21
I started with Mortgage Ready almost a year ago and in that time my credit score went up over 150 points. They were great and easy to work with, always there to answer my questions. They kept me... informed through the process and gave me information on how to work with creditors along with maintaining a good credit more
Shaynen F.
19:38 05 Feb 21
Starting using these guys last year. I think I was just over 500 fico, one year later I am at 675! They definitely add the credit knowledge and know how to getting that score up. Would recommend! You... have to stay on top of all of the updates and make monthly check-ins with the lower plan, but they have a upgrade you can add so they do the check-ins and score monitoring for more
Penny B.
18:01 05 Feb 21
My husband and I used Mortgage Ready to help us clear up several items that were on our Credit Reports after a short sale during the housing crisis from years back. They were informative, efficient,... and responsive to all our needs and concerns. We are on the track to excellent credit with their help! We highly recommend their more
C J.
12:57 03 Feb 21
I was referred to Mortgage Ready by my Realtor due to my having challenges with getting my credit in order. From day one Toni has been the absolute best. She stayed with me from beginning to now. Due... to a life change I had to put my journey to new home purchase on hold. With God's grace and mercy I hope to return and continue the process. In the meantime, I highly recommend Mortgage Ready to anyone who has that credit challenges. They are the best by far!Thank you Toni and Mortgage Ready!read more
Kenneth D.
16:57 01 Feb 21
Very Professional and the service I received from the staff was great to help me close on my home
Aaron G.
14:22 29 Jan 21
So professional. Got results in a very short time. Actually turned out better than I expected! You can’t say that about anything nowadays. Satisfies beyond belief and would not hesitate to recommend... friends and families. Even if you aren’t “needing” these guys, you might be surprised what they could do to make your scores better!read more
Tiffany A.
13:55 22 Jan 21
I am looking into buying a house so I was referred to Mortgage Ready and couldn't be happier with their services. All the ladies I worked with were so professional and KNEW this credit business and... also gave me hope that they could help clear up some of my old student loan debt and they did!! Try them out, you won't regret it!Thanks Mortgage Ready!!!read more
Annie W.
19:12 13 Jan 21
Me and my husband were referred to this company! They did amazing work and we saw results! We are happy that we chose this company!Thank you
Heather M.
21:15 07 Jan 21
I hands down recommend mortgage ready! Toni is now part of my family. We talked about my goals and where I wanted to be and she did just that. Her and the team is a BEAST at getting credit whip into... shape in a short period of time as if they was born for this. I will continue to recommend the world to them because of the way I was treated. Last but not least I just signed my First Home contact 🙌🏽.... Thanks again guys!!!read more
Maine L.
18:06 05 Jan 21
My experience with mortgage ready has been a blast! The staff members are very helpful! And down to earth. The way they explain anything dealing with credit is very understandable, they make sure you... understand what their explaining and they don’t mind making the situation as simple as possible. I’ve called them whenever I’ve needed clearance on anything dealing with credit and they’ve always been there for me when I’ve needed them thanks again to their entire staff 🙏🏽read more
Cheyenne V.
17:48 04 Jan 21
Mortgage Ready is an amazing company to work with when it comes to helping your credit file! I have had nothing but a great experience when interacting with every one of there team members! I would... highly recommend them to anyone who is wanting to help their credit file or just have basic credit questions!read more
Kawika Q.
13:23 04 Jan 21
I've been with this company for about 6 months & have seen great results. There very knowledgeable & will help at any time when needed. Customer service is Spectacular, I was very... impressed....Thankful for mortgage ready & all there SUPPORT!!!read more
James C.
17:32 30 Dec 20
My experience with Mortgage Ready was excellent. Toni was very professional and informative. I am completely satisfied with the results and highly recommend the services of Mortgage Ready.
Latroy B.
18:23 29 Dec 20
My wife and I received great service and advice from this company. Everyone was very professional and knowledgeable. I appreciate all of the perspective that was given. I would recommend this company... to anyone looking to get credit under control. We're extremely thankful for all the more
Juanita G.
16:52 28 Dec 20
I have been working with Mortgage Ready since August. My credit score has increased significantly by following my specific plan based on my credit report and it now December. They are always... available, have never missed any of my calls and I call a lot. I would refer them to more
Cassie J.
00:51 25 Dec 20
I am a returning customer from 3 years ago, And it feels I had never left.Dustyn and Mortgage Ready welcomed me back with open arms & a few signatures to go.The reason of return is, I have fallen... off most of the years as too keeping up on the ever changing world of the credit reporting rules. I have always trusted in them, so here i am for he duration. TYread more
Chloe S.
16:55 17 Dec 20
I was referred to Mortgage ready and I am very happy I followed through! They were able to eliminate old negative reporting and get my score where it needed to be. Next step my Mortgage consultant... and I will discuss my options for buying a home. I would recommend them over and over. They were excellent and efficient and always there to help! Thank you Mortgage Ready!!read more
Alan F.
12:29 17 Dec 20
Mortgage ready helped me improve my credit numbers and put me in position to be able to qualify for a home when I’m ready and it didn’t even take a long time I fully recommend Mortgage Ready
Ashley H.
04:20 16 Dec 20
I have worked with mortgage ready since May. They did an incredible job of always answering all my questions and returning my phone calls. I called a lot! We were did everything they asked of us and... in return were able to put a contract on a house in October and close the first week of December. I have and will continue to recommend this company. My husband and I were super pleased!read more
Rolando C.
20:00 14 Dec 20
It really was a great experience caring hands on customer service !
Johanne M.
18:37 12 Dec 20
The mortgage company we considered recommended we get our credit reviewed before venturing into purchasing a home. The team of Mortgage Ready were fantastic in explaining, in a very detailed way, how... our credit could be fixed, and what steps we needed to follow to remain in a great purchase position. Every time I speak to Ashley, she is ready to answer all my questions, and I have MANY. They were able to remove negative items and teach us better spending behaviors. I would definitely recommend them to more
Vladimir M.
18:33 12 Dec 20
My wife and I are really happy we were suggested to contact Mortgage Ready. They were able to review our credits, our desired purchased price range and create a comprehensive plan for us to follow to... get our credit in shape. I would recommend them to anyone before they get on the ownership more
Antonio C.
16:31 11 Dec 20
I absolutely love working with Mortgage Ready. They are extremely knowledgeable, and they work to help you get prepared for your home buying experience without all of the guess work. It's... definitely worth the investment to work with such a great group!read more
Howard H.
18:55 09 Dec 20
Mortgage Ready LLC IS WORTH YOUR MONEY!!!!! I will try to make this an honest review, taking outside influences such as COVID-19 or personal stress. I have spoken to several people on the phone, and... they have been accommodating and personable. I have received a detailed document outlining what they are doing for me and what I should do for myself; this includes what order to pay off debt. While I have not followed the instructions line for line, I have still seen a bump in my score of about 60 Pts. This credit repair is my first experience working with a company of this kind, so I do not have any other company for reference. I would highly recommend them if you are looking to learn how to improve your credit and get help doing so.Howard Louis Hawkins IIIread more
Kat shellenbarger O.
15:38 03 Dec 20
Me and my husband were referred to this company! They did amazing work and we saw results! It was hard during the pandemic however they were very understanding and helped us! We are happy that we... chose this company!Thank youread more
James S.
23:28 02 Dec 20
I contacted this company after being referred for low credit scores after a few months my score had gone up over 100 points!
Kelly O S.
20:50 19 Nov 20
Got me from a 532 to a 678 in three months. I owe them so much! They answered all of my questions and I’ve told my friends about them too. They answered all of my questions, I’m so grateful my... mortgage person told me about them!!read more
Sarah S.
17:03 18 Nov 20
My husband and I were referred to this company and we were very pleased with everything. They were professional and always willing to help with any concern. They were quick to respond to our emails... and messages. I love that I could call and check on my account at more
Lauren H.
18:44 02 Oct 20
I cannot say enough good things about this company, I started out with a low 500 credit score and in just 6 shorts months I was over a 700 score and closed on my home!The customer service is... absolutely excellent. Any question I had they were quick to answer and help me solve it.So impressed, and so thankful to actually find a credit repair company that actually works and feels more of a personal relationship than just a business and really connects with you. There wasn’t one person in the office that answered the phone and wasn’t helpful. All the way around, great service!read more
Jessica L.
21:08 24 Jul 20
Chelsea was amazing to work. Everyone is so professional and very helpful through the whole process.
Meg B.
21:44 20 Jul 20
It was a pleasure to work with Toni, Ashley, and the team. They always got back to me quickly when I had questions, and they took the time to make sure I understood the work they were doing to... improve my credit. Would recommend!read more
Towewedoit T.
21:39 16 Jul 20
Toni was the most amazing person ever to work with. I’ll try to make this as short as possible. I found my dream home my credit was in the toilet. I was an at home mom for two years. Went back to... work which happened to be a mile from my dream home. The pandemic hit the same month as I started my new job (in healthcare) as the absolute worst war zone was happening around me. I found Toni who I now consider a friend. She helped me by giving me hope when the world was at its knees and we were struggling to put it back on its feet again. Toni became my cheerleader, my biggest fan and the person who fought as hard as I was on the frontline. She gave me tips on things I’d never knew could be or ever could imagine that would help my credit. Side bar I tried for two years myself to fix my credit (I’m a HUGE researcher some people call me a detective I did the countless videos, articles ect. you name it. I tried it. with zero success. actually I hurt my credit more) so knowing I was defeated I rang up T.She gave me a game plan.....I followed every step to a T. No pun intended. She was in constant I mean constant contact with me every step of the way. Almost like a texting. It wasn’t easy because my credit was a crapshoot. But this chic pulled it off like a champ. I mean it. I had collections out the ying yang. She taught me how to navigate and woot woot! I closed my house within 45 days. Making this as short as I can. My credit in less than 90 days went from low 500 to 756! Toni and her team need a statue made of themselves with a plaque that reads “Warriors for the people” I’m telling you if you are serious about getting a mortgage this is your team! They will work as fast as you and is side by side with you every single step of the way. Best money I’ve ever spent in my life. They made my dreams come true when the sky was falling down on our economy.....who can work their genius mind and help someone close on a house during a pandemic? Toni and her crew that’s who! We will FOREVER be greatful to them!read more
Darlene M.
22:08 08 Jul 20
I was very impressed with the service I received with Mortgage Ready. They were able to correct my credit score on time for a mortgage loan, as promised. When talking to them throughout the process,... they always explained in a comprehensive manner and with a friendly more
Dena C.
17:50 02 Jul 20
The ladies I worked with were very professional and always willing to answer questions. Polite and helpful!
Carlos A.
23:18 30 Jun 20
I was referred to Mortgage Ready by my loan officer while trying to qualify to purchase a home. I needed help in improving my credit score. This company is very professional and the customer service... is outstanding. Thank you' more
Yolanda J.
16:25 03 Jun 20
I was referred to Mortgage Ready by my loan officer while trying to qualify to purchase a home. I needed help in improving my credit score. This company is very professional and the customer service... is outstanding. I was only with them for 4-5 months and they helped me to increase my credit score significantly. I just qualified to purchase my first home. I was truly satisfied with Mortgage Ready and recommended them to anyone trying to improve their credit score. Thabk youread more
Carla J.
01:49 27 May 20
Toni and her team worked fast and answered all of my many questions in a timely manner. Stephine was always ready to help and explain things clearly for me. I found it affordable and due to the... current events they had a lower option available which was amazing. I truly appreciate Mortgage Ready, I’m well on my way to home ownership. Thank more
Stephanie M.
20:35 21 May 20
I was trying to find out how to clean up my credit when I came upon this company. They were able to give me much needed advise and clear up some negative marks I didn’t even know I had! Thank you!
Tyler F.
17:55 12 May 20
Very attentive and worked wonders with my credit. Highly reccomend for anyone right on the edge of meeting mortgage requirements.
Noemi T.
19:17 30 Apr 20
Toni at Mortgage Ready LLC did a great job helping me improve my credit score. I highly recommend them!
Cory B.
21:28 15 Apr 20
Mortgage ready did a awesome job for me. Toni and her team are very nice and do a great job.
Ashley G.
05:05 01 Apr 20
Used this service to help me improve my credit scores in advance of applying for a mortgage. With their guidance and input, my scores improved over a course of few months. Thank you for your help!
Tucker A.
21:01 30 Mar 20
I never review places, but I cannot explain what they have done for me. There were things on my report that were hurting me, that I didn't even think were a problem! They got me 73 points, and I... jumped on a refinance. My Mortgage Banker said this will save me about 37K by raising my score, and lowering my rate. Chelsea was amazing, thanks everyone!read more
Kerry V.
20:46 30 Mar 20
They got me up 160 points, i'm in my home, thanks so much!!
18:21 24 Mar 20
Awesome group of people! They moved quickly to help fix my credit.
iAm D.
20:40 20 Mar 20
I’m scrolling through the comments and reviews that others have had in the past with this company. Most if not all of them were excellent, and my experience with them is no exception! If it wouldn’t... have been for the professional and prompt help that I received I simply wouldn’t be where I am today. I just purchased my first home, and the credit card options have opened up to me unlike a few years ago. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking to better themselves and their standard of living. Nothing is impossible, and with their professional help it’s almost effortless. Thank you Mortgage Ready for doing just that.Nicholasread more
MIchelle B.
21:23 12 Feb 20
We signed up for this in order to help my husbands credit and then kept it during the whole process of us buying our house! They were able to remove several things from his credit and also fight... something that popped up while we were in the process of buying our house!! So glad we decided to go with this company and would do it again!read more
Stuart W.
16:14 12 Feb 20
Used this service to help our son improve his credit scores in advance of applying for a mortgage. With their guidance and input, his scores improved dramatically over a course of three months. Thank... you for your help!read more
18:24 10 Feb 20
Honestly was skeptical of credit repair companies being dishonest but these guys were honest and open and improved my credit score over 100 points. Very happy I used them!
Tosha G.
20:46 29 Jan 20
I was referred to mortgage ready by a friend. I received great service gettin Chelsea and Ashley. One of my credit reports was completely eliminated if all the negative items. Now the other two was... a different story. Not sure what went wrong with those two but it's no fault of Ashley and Chelsea, the credit bureau's just seen it other wise I guess. I was still able to get approved for a refi on my house but under FHA instead of a conventional because of the BK not being removed from the other two bureaus. It had been over a year and I could wait no longer. Would have been nice to refi without having to carry mortgage insurance. Overall, I still had a good experience with Mortgage Ready and I'd recommend them to others looking to clean up their credit report.Thanks,Tosha more
ryan W.
18:04 28 Jan 20
These guys were awesome, did exactly what they said they were going to do and managed to remove things that I was unsuccessful at doing multiple times. A+++ would recommend
laura D.
16:26 25 Jan 20
We were extremely impressed with the service Toni and her team gave to us. They were polite, accommodating, and communicated well with us throughout the process. Thanks you so much!Sincerely,Laura
Melinda P.
18:46 21 Jan 20
Everyone at Mortgage Ready is super friendly and super helpful! I went through an awful divorce and was trying to purchase a new home in the midst of it. They helped me get to where I needed to be.... They gave me "homework" and the follow up is immediate. They work as fast as you do! Super happy with Mortgage more
Ismael J.
22:30 13 Dec 19
I first was referred to Toni and was a bit hesitant because of prior experiences with people trying to “help” with my credit. Boy was I wrong!! They are some of the most helpful, determined, and... patient people I have ever had the privilege of working with! My credit score is in a MUCH better place than before, and I can say it’s all thanks to the advice, persistence, and assistance that they all have! Thank you guys so so much, and I would highly HIGHLY recommend!read more
Tom K.
05:12 05 Dec 19
Ecstatic! Mortgage Ready helped to get my credit so good I can buy a house. After years of struggling with my credit I felt hopeless. Thank you all at Mortgage Ready for your Professionalism,... availability, diligence and trust worthinessread more
Juan H.
18:09 04 Dec 19
I was suspicious at first, it seemed too good to be true. They were so friendly, and after fighting a Bankruptcy for 4 years I'm finally HOME. Trust these peeps!
Susie C.
21:03 03 Dec 19
The staff at Mortgage Ready LLC did a great job helping me improve my credit score. I highly recommend them to anyone that needs help with their credit. I couldn't have done it without their help.
andrea B.
16:42 05 Nov 19
Wonderful program that helps with our credit to help us buy the house of our dreams. All staff is very friendly and extremely helpful. My husband and I are so happy!!! Thank you Mortgage Ready for... all of your help!!! Outstanding and definitely recommend them!!!read more
Nic C
18:52 01 Nov 19
Helped us to understand how to better our credit scores and credit worthiness in a world where this is so necessary. Grateful for the help and now we are Mortgage ready!
whitney R.
19:00 24 Oct 19
For two years Shawn and I had been working on our credit score so we could buy a home and just couldnt get it to where we needed it. We were referred to Mortgage Ready and within 6 months we were... finally able to purchase a home. They have great customer service and always friendly. They answered all of our questions and really helped us understand the credit more
Tim W.
18:46 23 Oct 19
I have been a mortgage banker for 20 years and have worked with Mortgage Ready for about 10 years. I refer anyone that needs credit help to them. They do an outstanding job and I highly recommend... more
bobby v
23:10 17 Oct 19
Very satisfied with my overall results. Should of done this years ago.
Randall C.
20:49 17 Oct 19
Only took Mortgage Ready two months to get my credit to where I needed to be! Worked quick and helped a lot! Thanks.
Melissa M.
22:32 16 Oct 19
Ecstatic! Mortgage Ready helped to get my credit so good I can buy a house. After years of struggling with my credit I felt hopeless. Thank you all at Mortgage Ready for your Professionalism,... availability, diligence and trust worthiness!read more
Spencer M.
15:28 16 Oct 19
Mortgage Ready is really good. They got stuff removed off my fiancee and my credit reports that I didn't think were gonna get taken off without a huge hassle. They are more than willing to help you... and answer any questions you may have about credit, mortgage information, or any part of the process. Once my credit was back in good shape (100+ points higher than I was 6 months ago) the process of canceling was smooth and easy. Normally canceling a service is such a pain and I dread having to make that call, but it was easy they were very nice about it and said I was welcome back within 6 months no charge to renew if I wanted. They were very pleasant about the whole process and I'm very appreciative of all their more
Jr. P.
19:31 15 Oct 19
If you are shopping around for different mortgage companies stop now. You found the one. They take their time to help you and answer all the questions you may have. They help me fix my credit and... they did it with excellent customer service. Thanks mortgage ready!read more
april S.
19:27 15 Oct 19
Mortgage ready really stepped up to the plate to help me and my husband fix our credit score. The time they took and the compassion they showed really impressed me. The process was quick and easy and... they were there to answer all of my more
Terri F.
22:48 08 Oct 19
I tried Lexington Law... some guy out of Florida, I was so skeptical. But my Mortgage Girl told me that she had used them for years. They told me it was going to be easy, and only three months. Well... they did it in TWO. Toni was so in control the whole time... what a blessing. Thank you, I love my new house!read more
Leandra C.
15:52 04 Oct 19
I never imagined I would be able to purchase a home for me and my kids. I doubted my loan officer when they told me it was possible, but here I am... The proud owner of my own home THANKS TO COREY... AND MORTGAGE READY! I will forever be thankful to all of them for helping me do this in only 5 months!read more
Joseph B.
15:28 04 Oct 19
I struggled for a couple of years to do this, I'm so glad I did. I had things coming off each month, and then 4 months later we refinanced. We are saving over $200 a month now on our mortgage!!... Thanks guys!read more
Jared G.
19:41 25 Sep 19
Great company, gave very helpful tips and tools to help me. They are also friendly and helpful when needed with affordable prices.
Chill G.
15:13 19 Sep 19
Awesome staff. I saw results rapidly and my score increased 61 points after my first 30 days.
Dustin D.
15:52 18 Sep 19
Mortgage Ready did EXACTLY what they said they were going to do. In only 3-4 months my credit went up 88 points. Day or night Chelsea would answer any emails, questions, or concerns I had. This is by... far the BEST company to get you into your home. My wife and I are so thankful our mortgage lender recommended more
Alicia R.
15:10 16 Sep 19
Easy to work with and made the process crystal clear. We were able to finance our mortgage quickly with the cooperation of our lender. HIGHLY recommend!!
Devin C.
18:34 10 Sep 19
5 stars isn’t enough for this company! Me and my wife were ready to upgrade to a new home and our local mortgage broker informed me of a couple hiccups on my credit report and suggested to get with... Dustin and his team to get it worked out, and boy did they get it fixed. 150 points up in a 3-4 period, which got us locked in to an amazing interest rate. Mortgage ready always picked up phone when I called and always a quick reply when I emailed, that’s something you don’t get anymore these days. I’ve recommended them to all friends and family who’s credit is “less than perfect” and will continue to do so. They got my credit well over what I was expecting and able to get the house my wife fell in love with, so once again I cannot express how grateful I am for mortgage ready and there more
Tiffany S.
18:24 10 Sep 19
Morgage Ready is the most honest and best way to build your credit back. They removed so many accounts off my credit report. Chelsea and Toni are awesome, they stay in contact and always respond to... any questions you have. Thank you so much for everything you guys have done. I will definitely come back if I need future help my credit score is where it needs to be because of more
Josh And Amber S.
17:15 09 Sep 19
Working with this company has been great! In the past few month they were able to clear several paid items off my credit. And had it boosted by 50 pts! I'm very thankful for the help I've received... repairing my more
Whitney M.
17:13 09 Sep 19
I had worked with them for a while and it helped my score improve. Slowly but surely. They help you understand all the numbers, and are very quick to respond, whether it be by phone or email. If you... are looking to buy a home and looking to improve your credit to do so, check them out!read more
Rhonda A.
21:56 03 Sep 19
I recommend using this company if you want to get a handle on your credit. The staff is super friendly and you can call them anytime to discuss the process.
Jenny A.
20:18 21 Aug 19
My husband and I worked with this company to get our credit high enough to purchase a home. They were constantly sending emails to check on us and reports were coming in showing items that they had... helped remove from our history. They gave us so many great tips and we closed on our beautiful 6 bedroom 3 bathroom homes yesterday. We also gained skills that will help us continue to have good credit. Thank you Mortgage Ready!read more
Jamica P.
20:30 20 Aug 19
Mortgage ready definitely exceeded my expectations with bettering my credit. They have removed 18 negative items and raised my credit score significantly. I even paid less with them then I did with... other credit repair companies and got faster results. I definitely recommend them!read more
Jesa W.
16:49 20 Aug 19
Mortgage Ready helped my family raise our credit scores so we were able to purchase Our dream home! If you are struggling with getting your credit score up I would greatly recommend this company to... help you boost it up to where you need to be. The staff is very professional and will help anyway that they can. This company is highly more
Asia C
16:02 19 Aug 19
This company helped me get mortgage ready in a matter of months! I will definitely be recommending to my family and friends
Eric & Lisa S.
17:40 05 Aug 19
Mortgage Ready’s professional and knowledgeable staffed helped get years of negative credit reporting off my credit reports and moved my FICO score up 50+ points in a very short amount of time! ... Thank you for the excellent service!read more
DeJuan J.
20:21 01 Aug 19
I had a great experience with mortgage ready. Very professional and very prompt. I could always get in contact with someone and the goal they initially set for me was very accurate. They gave me a... target date for when my credit score should improve enough to qualify for a mortgage and the full filled the expectations set. I would recommend this company 10 times out of more
Kristena L.
19:45 31 Jul 19
They have done such an amazing job in improving mine and my husband's credit! We were wanting to buy a house and our credit was not so good.... they cleaned it up and we were able to purchase a truck... AND a house 💖✌ there service is amazing and I look forward to working with them again soon to remove a couple more things!! THANK YOU guys from the bottom of our hearts! Yall are awesome!read more
Andrea H.
22:41 22 Jul 19
I have worked with other companies in the past on credit repair and no company has been as good. The staff here have all been fantastic and willing to help each other. I would recommend this... company if needed to anyone. They are terrific and willing to work with the more
Jessica W.
18:30 22 Jul 19
After only one month of services with Mortgage Ready my credit score jumped 117 points. After only 3 months I am now under contract to buy my first home! They provided me with a step by step list of... things to do to improve my credit and ended up doing 100% of them for me. They held my hand through every step of the process and explained why each item was important and how it affected my credit. I am leaving this experience with not only a jam up credit score but also a much better understanding credit in general. I would highly recommend their services to anyone!!!!read more
Vixen P.
17:21 19 Jul 19
They been great! However I wasn’t able to hold up things on my end!! Will be returning as soon as I iron out life wrinkles
Amanda O.
15:30 16 Jul 19
My husband and I were sent here by our agent who had advised us we would need to remove and address several items on his credit report before we would qualify for a home loan.From the start Tonny,... Chelsea and the rest of the team at Mortgage Ready were their to answer the million questions we had about the whole process. The plan they sent us was so easy to read and understand. They gave us a break down of what we needed to do that day and what to work on. Each time we had a question someone was their to answer it or sent us to the person we needed to ge the answer.As the process went on we would get letters in the mail showing if things were verified or removed. The process has helped us reduce the stress of buying a home. We are nearly their to be ready to start the process.Now that my husbands credit is were it needs to be we can work on saving the funds we need for closing on our home.I would and do highly recommend this company even if you are not looking to buy a home right now just getting your credit score and report were it needs to be helps with insurance rates, finding a new job and other more
Joseph B.
21:47 09 Jul 19
Made the credit game easy to understand and were a wonderful group to work with. I would highly recommend them if your in the market for buying a house!
17:18 09 Jul 19
Mortgage Ready was who I decided I would use to help me Fix my credit and they made sure to always answer any questions or concerns I had in a timely manner. Dustin helped me identify What was wrong... with my credit report as well as what order would be most beneficial for me to get cleared up. Anytime I had a question, if I was unable to speak to Dustin, Chelsea was there to help me and she made sure to always respond And made me feel like more then just another client but someone whom they actually cared about. If I’m ever in need of these type services I’ll be sure to use Mortgage Ready again!read more
kim M.
19:53 24 Jun 19
Toni and MortgageReady, thank you so much for helping me increase my buyer's credit score so quickly. Getting her score up 100 points in 3 weeks made a huge difference in what we could get her for... interest rate. You definitely will be receiving more referrals from me. So much appreciate you helping my clients!read more
Iranda T.
18:31 06 Jun 19
My husband was referred to them from New American Funding. I was a bit suspicious, I had heard a lot of bad things about Credit Repair, but our Mortgage lady said that she had seen it work. WOW. ... After 4 years of struggle, my husband and I are now working on building a family. THANK more
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