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Your FICO score is made up of data from your credit report that breaks down into these five components. Each component works with and against each other, so what works for one credit profile might not work for another.

New Credit

New Credit makes up 10 percent of your FICO Score, and it consists of the number of new accounts on file, as well as any and all Hard Inquires.

The goal here is to avoid pulling credit without good reason, and to add accounts while considering their impact to Credit Mix, Length of Credit History, Payment History or Amount of Debt. As with everything else in Credit, it’s a balancing act.

Amount Of Debt

The amount owed category determines 30 percent of your FICO score. Credit cards and Department Store cards are examples of revolving lines of credit. These types of accounts are heavily weighted when reported in your FICO score, and for most customers, which cards are heavily utilized and which are not determines the number of points earned here.

We consider each account, each limit, each Statement Date and each Due Date when we give our recommendations. We can tell customers exactly how much to pay to which accounts to maximize the FICO point return.

Payment History

Payment history- taking up 35 percent of your score, is the largest category out of the five to determine how your credit score is evaluated. This category has many intricate parts, and it touches every other area of Credit, but it ultimately describes your readiness of making the consistent, minimum payments on each line of credit on time.

Your payment history can get complex the more data you start to accumulate. It analyzes your payment information on a variety of accounts; including credit and retail cards, mortgages, and loans; as well as any opposing public records or negative accounts. In maximizing Payment History, it’s important to make sure you aren’t harming Amount Owed, Length of Credit History or New Credit.

Length of Credit History

Length of credit makes up 15 percent of your FICO score. This category is based off when you opened an account and the last time you were actively using the account. FICO factors in your oldest accounts, new accounts, and average-aged accounts.

In terms of FICO evaluation, long-term account holders are always better, so you’d never intentionally close an account. That's if you make your payments on time. Although the length of credit only takes up 15 percent of your score, long-term credit history will always look good in the eyes of FICO.

Credit Mix

Credit Mix measures the types of credits you are using altogether. It’s a mix of revolving and installment methods, and it determines 10 percent of your overall FICO score.

Many assume that the credit mix is an insignificant category within the scoring, but it’s useful for those that don’t have a strong credit history. It’s important to plan a diverse mix of accounts, without harming Length of Credit History, Payment History or New Credit in doing so.


  • Mortgage Ready

    Jamica Patterson
    Jamica Patterson
    20:30 20 Aug 19
    Mortgage ready definitely exceeded my expectations with bettering my credit. They have removed 18 negative items and raised my credit score significantly. I even paid less with them then I did with other credit repair companies and got faster results. I definitely recommend them!read more
    Jesa Weise
    Jesa Weise
    16:49 20 Aug 19
    Mortgage Ready helped my family raise our credit scores so we were able to purchase Our dream home! If you are struggling with getting your credit score up I would greatly recommend this company to help you boost it up to where you need to be. The staff is very professional and will help anyway that they can. This company is highly more
    Eboni Joseph
    Eboni Joseph
    13:04 07 Aug 19
    7/8/19 Very disappointed in this company, would not recommend. Updated 7/10/19 I would not recommend this company, mainly because they are unprofessional, and really did nothing. I was under the impression that they would get items deleted, but they where unable to, so I paid the items and paid my card card down to zero, this is what boosted my credit. I understand that I am the only one to blame by not doing my own research on this company before giving them any of my money. My main issues results from the fact that they broke many laws and violated my privacy by posting my personal information online without my consent. The information that was shared was done in a derogatory manner. I posted a negative review of this company on Google (this review) , and they responded by posting my credit score and other personal information. They did go on to revise the review and removed my score, however, it was too late. I am taking further action and have also open case with the BBB and there is no surprise that they have a C rating and are not accredited by the BBB. New update: 8/7/19 Almost 3 weeks after I called to cancel service, and after I filled a BBB complain, and they wrote me multiple different time saying that I canceled services with them they still changed my card today. I am past annoyed with this company. Now I have to file another more
    DeJuan Jones
    DeJuan Jones
    20:21 01 Aug 19
    I had a great experience with mortgage ready. Very professional and very prompt. I could always get in contact with someone and the goal they initially set for me was very accurate. They gave me a target date for when my credit score should improve enough to qualify for a mortgage and the full filled the expectations set. I would recommend this company 10 times out of more
    Kristena Lawrence
    Kristena Lawrence
    19:45 31 Jul 19
    They have done such an amazing job in improving mine and my husband's credit! We were wanting to buy a house and our credit was not so good.... they cleaned it up and we were able to purchase a truck AND a house 💖✌ there service is amazing and I look forward to working with them again soon to remove a couple more things!! THANK YOU guys from the bottom of our hearts! Yall are awesome!read more
    Andrea Harvey
    Andrea Harvey
    22:41 22 Jul 19
    I have worked with other companies in the past on credit repair and no company has been as good. The staff here have all been fantastic and willing to help each other. I would recommend this company if needed to anyone. They are terrific and willing to work with the more
    Jessica Waldhour
    Jessica Waldhour
    18:30 22 Jul 19
    After only one month of services with Mortgage Ready my credit score jumped 117 points. After only 3 months I am now under contract to buy my first home! They provided me with a step by step list of things to do to improve my credit and ended up doing 100% of them for me. They held my hand through every step of the process and explained why each item was important and how it affected my credit. I am leaving this experience with not only a jam up credit score but also a much better understanding credit in general. I would highly recommend their services to anyone!!!!read more
    DDSS New
    DDSS New
    17:18 09 Jul 19
    Mortgage Ready was who I decided I would use to help me Fix my credit and they made sure to always answer any questions or concerns I had in a timely manner. Dustin helped me identify What was wrong with my credit report as well as what order would be most beneficial for me to get cleared up. Anytime I had a question, if I was unable to speak to Dustin, Chelsea was there to help me and she made sure to always respond And made me feel like more then just another client but someone whom they actually cared about. If I’m ever in need of these type services I’ll be sure to use Mortgage Ready again!read more
    kim martin
    kim martin
    19:53 24 Jun 19
    Toni and MortgageReady, thank you so much for helping me increase my buyer's credit score so quickly. Getting her score up 100 points in 3 weeks made a huge difference in what we could get her for interest rate. You definitely will be receiving more referrals from me. So much appreciate you helping my clients!read more
    Tanya Kyle
    Tanya Kyle
    22:49 15 May 19
    I got the run around from Lexington Law, so I was just about to wait it out on my own and not return your call. I am so glad I did! You guys got me 40 points in the first month, 25 in the second... and I was done by the third. Thanks for all the help!read more
    Tina Fetcher
    Tina Fetcher
    15:16 07 May 19
    I got the run-around from an online company, so when my Mortgage guy recommended them I was a bit skeptical, but I'm glad I trusted them! They gave me a detailed plan, and told me if I followed it that they would be able to get my score up in 2 months. Sure enough, 60 days later I was good to go. This paid for itself and then some!!read more
    Diane Dick
    Diane Dick
    18:02 30 Apr 19
    Thank you for taking the time to explain how credit really works. All of these years, I thought I was doing what was best for my credit when in fact I wasn’t. Thanks to you guys, my score came up over 120 points and I am getting a great interest rate on my refinance! Thanks for all the help! Chelsea and Toni were always great to speak with and so incredibly helpful!read more
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